Word.  Family.  Love
Central Union Church of Christ at Nolanville (CUCCAN) is a Bible-based, Christ-centered fellowship that lives for the glory of God, the spiritual  growth of people, and ministry to our community. We aspire daily to be the like the New Testament church that belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to our biblical core, Central Union is a welcoming, loving church family that strives to be like Christ Jesus through relationship and building one another daily. You will find a friendly spirit at CU where you will never be embarrassed, but encouraged!

1. Word (Christ Centered)
We exist to be as Christ, who was full of grace and truth.We are centered by Christ and driven to helped the community through outreach and God’s Word.

2. Family (People)
Because people (Christian and non-Christian alike) are eternally valuable to God, they are valuable to us as well. We are committed to magnifying Jesus in people’s lives.

3. Love (Love Centered)
A genuine consuming love for God and his people. We believe in the power of love and it is our first priority. This love relationship with God enables us to discover who we are in Christ thus compelling us to reach out in love towards others by laying down our lives in service. It is love that drives our motives, actions and encouragement towards one another.

4. We Are About Relationships 
One of the reason Jesus sent his disciples out 2 by 2 was to encourage one another. Relationships are a vital of what we do at Central Union whether its through fellowship or activity. We prioritize our relationships with God and others. Building, fortifying and restoring relationships is of utmost importance to us.

5. Spiritual Community 
A church isn’t an institution; it’s a community. We each have a part to play in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason we get together at Central Union is to worship God, and then go out into the world together to change it for Him.

6. Transformation and Growth 
We serve an excellent God and because we are created in His image, we are an excellent people. Excellence can only truly be achieved in our actions when it first appears in the heart behind the action. Therefore, a growing spirit of excellence is our lifestyle and permeates our every activity.A pure transformation on the inside in turn gives pure actions on the outside.