VBS Awesomeness!


40 Kids. 4 Nights. 18 Bible Reviews. 12 Teaching Sessions and Over 100 meals given out. So what does this all sum up? It’s Simple.

Vacation Bible School is an Awesome Labor of Love!

We had another great year of Vacation Bible School. Throughout the years VBS has been a great ministry for the Central Union Church of Christ. 2016 was no different and in fact it was one of the best years to date. I want to thank all the volunteers, teachers and everyone who attended one or all nights during CU Vacation Bible School week.

Check out some of the activities and highlights of VBS this past July.

VBS 2016 Reviews, Games and Group Fun!

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VBS 2014 Throwback

In His Awesome Service.

Be Bless,

KS Brady

Keir S. Brady is the senior minister of the Central Union Church of Christ, located in Nolanville Texas.

Central Union Church of Christ at Nolanville
100 West Avenue G, Nolanville Texas 76559


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