The Lifting Effect of Singing

Throughout the years being a Christian I have been moved by different aspects of worship. Wonderful preaching, prayers and singing have truly inspired me. It would be easy for anyone to come to the conclusion that I am very “pro-preaching“. That has been my passion throughout my ministry and it rings true today. Recently though I have developed an appreciation for singing. Why now? Well, that is a good question!  The answer is simple. I have seen its “Lifting effect“. It is truly amazing how rhythmic melody and harmonic tempo can change moods. For years singing in worship has made me cry, sad, joyful and at times enhanced my preaching. No doubt singing is soul soothing. It has turned my day completely around. It has brought reset to a bad week. That is how singing has affected me.

However, I have seen people moved by song in a entirely different way. Much of this insight has been driven by Central Harmony, the singing chorus of Central Union church of Christ. For years, Central Harmony has been taking their singing ministry to a number of song conducive spots in the Central Texas area. The Western Hills Nursing Center, is one of the places the chorus visits each month. The enthusiasm by the residents every third Sunday at 3pm is truly indescribable. The anticipation is absolutely electric. Similar to a group of people converging to see a summer blockbuster or counting down the seconds before a super bowl kick off. Every now and then I get a chance to accompany them on a ministry visit. And every time I come out it seems like I see a different person impacted by their singing.

Whether it is tears streaming, or a person standing clapping with jubilation…

The same thought always pops up in my mind, that is found in Colossians 3:16.”Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord”

Check out below some of their Western Hills outings.

Central Harmony at Western Hills Nursing Center. (07/17/16)

Recent songs of praise on 7/17/16.

Gifts for the residents last December 2015.


In His Awesome Service.

Be Bless,

KS Brady

Keir S. Brady is the senior minister of the Central Union Church of Christ, located in Nolanville Texas.

Central Union Church of Christ at Nolanville
100 West Avenue G, Nolanville Texas 76559


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